February 2, 2023

Revealed! These are the Reasons for EA Closing Apex Legends Mobile Starting May 2023


Shocking news came from Electronic Arts (EA). As a publisher, they said they would close their game, Apex Legends Mobile, in May 2023.

It is known that he himself is not even one year old, since his release in mid-May 2022. Precisely at that time, this shooting game visited gamers on cellphones on May 17, 2022.

EA said that the reason for the closure was related to the quality of Apex Legends Mobile. They admit that the distributed content does not meet the standards for quality and quantity, as quoted by deficient from the official website.

It is for this reason that, after months of working with our development partners, we made the joint decision to retire our mobile games. While disappointing, we are proud of the game we launched, grateful for the support of the Apex Legends community, and confident that this is the right decision for players," wrote EA.

EA and Respawn Entertainment agreed that later Apex Legends Mobile would stop operating on May 1, 2023, at 04.00 PM PDT or around 06.00 WIB on May 2, 2023. After that, the game will no longer be playable by the players.

"Respawn and the Apex Legends team remain passionate about mobile as a platform and look forward to new opportunities to serve players in the future," wrote EA.

This announcement is quite surprising, considering that its activities in the gaming industry are quite good. In fact, Apex Legends Mobile has earned revenues of up to USD 4.8 million or around IDR 71.9 billion in the first week of release.

Apart from that, another game called Battlefield Mobile will also be discontinued. It's not yet known when this game will actually stop operating.

Meanwhile, the developer responsible for developing Battlefield Mobile, Industrial Toys, also closed completely. Even though he is still very young since this game launched in November 2022.

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