January 31, 2023

Stop! 5 Things That Get Your WhatsApp Blocked Forever


Because it's free, we can't go around using WhatsApp. There are rules that we must obey so as not to be blocked.

There are at least 5 things that should not be done on WhatsApp. If it continues to be repeated, Meta threatens to permanently block the user's account.

Because of that, it's better not to break the rules so that the WhatsApp service can still be used. If it is permanently blocked, it will be a headache, considering that this application is the most widely used by people around the world to communicate.

5 Things That Get Your WhatsApp Blocked Forever

1. Avoid posting pirated content

Users may not realize it, but WhatsApp has changed its policy for dealing with pirated digital content. Reporting to Gizchina, users are prohibited from sharing movies on WhatsApp.

In 99.9% of cases, nothing will happen. However certain accounts may be permanently banned for this action.

So if someone gives you a copyrighted movie or audio file, you can keep it but never distribute it.

What you share on WhatsApp is accessible, and that includes an automated hack detection system. It can suspend your account if it finds that you are sharing prohibited material.

2. Be careful when using WhatsApp photos and stickers

The absence of copyright protection does not automatically make an image eligible for WhatsApp messaging. Company regulations may not apply to some images, but to content that is xenophobic, racist, or sexual.

3. Avoid using third-party versions of Whatsapp

It cannot be denied that WhatsApp GB and the like offer more complete features. But there is a security risk that it poses, and because Meta strictly prohibits users from using the application.

This is also the most frequent reason for blocking accounts. The more often users log into the WhatsApp GB application and the like, the account will be permanently blocked forever.

4. Disturbing Other Users

Other users may become annoyed if you send spam, offensive messages, or send messages to random people for no apparent reason. The user can report the WhatsApp account in addition to blocking it.

When an account is reported, WhatsApp has access to the user's five most recent messages and contact information for analysis. This verifies whether the account violated the rules or not.

The WhatsApp account may be banned if violations are found. Users who disagree with the decision can appeal by sending an email or using the app, but there's a high chance they won't be able to get their account back.

5. Try Hacking Someone Else's Account

The phishing method was originally used by hackers to gain unauthorized access to other accounts. However, some people use the internet to spread malware and third-party links to pose a security risk to WhatsApp users.

In this regard, WhatsApp does not remain silent. They will act fast if someone tries to hijack someone's account or disturb their privacy.

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