November 8, 2022

Thousands of Argentina National Team Supporters Banned from Entering 2022 World Cup Stadiums

The Argentine government says that around 6,000 Argentina national team fans are blacklisted from entering stadiums during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. This information was conveyed by the City Government of Buenos Aires earlier this week.

Supporters of the Argentina National Team who were blacklisted were recorded as having acted riotously were involved in illegal organizations, and were even those who owed food. They have been confirmed not to be allowed into the World Cup stadium in Qatar.

"The (list) of violence is already here (the government) and in Qatar. We want to bring peace back to football and the violence is outside the stadiums," said Minister of Justice and City Security, Marcelo D'Alessandro, in an interview on the station's local radio.

Marcelo said they were blacklisted because they belonged to barras (football fans who are known to be violent fans). In addition, these supporters also often participate in acts of violence.

"For illicit associations such as 'traitors' (prohibited street businesses) and for maintenance/child support payments (of divorced parents)," said Marcelo.

As part of the oversight in Qatar, the official said that it was commonplace at World Cup tournaments that delegations from various (state) police agencies were sent to cooperate with the host security authorities.

In June, the national security ministry signed a cooperation agreement with the Qatari embassy to prevent the presence of hardline Argentinian football fans at the 2022 World Cup.

According to Marcelo, of the 6,000 Argentinians banned from entering stadiums, around 3,000 of them were 'barra brava' who were no longer allowed to watch matches in local leagues.

At the 2022 World Cup, the Argentina national team is in Group C with Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Poland. Lionel Messi and his friends are scheduled to meet in Saudi Arabia on November 22. Next, they will play Mexico on November 27 and Poland, on December 1.

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